Everyone has their own distinctive handwriting……something that is uniquely you.  The same is true for painting. The way each artist makes their brush strokes is their unique signature.  Try as you might to copy another artists brush strokes, you will find your self reverting back to your own handwriting.

Below is a picture of the brush strokes of four artists – all starting to paint the same painting on their own canvas, with the same instructions, colors and brush types.

So, start your journey!!!  Smile, take a deep breath….You be who you be!  No point fighting it ….laugh a little…and then start to work and perfect your art handwriting through practice and training.

This is a fun creative journey into the world of painting…a journey filled with discovery as you find your new way of writing.


Pausing at the Threshold

On a certain day…along a wooden path…guided by the Unknown….a golden peach light may appear, for only a brief shinning moment.  If you miss it , do not fear, for it will find you again.

Busyness may blind you to the light…. but if you see it STOP and LOOK with wonderous attention… for in one brief shinning moment a door will appear and another world will open. 

The birds sing of it,  the poets write of it and a few artists hint of it in their paintings. (Laurel Jordan Genteman)

This place of  “pausing”  has been called “The Pause at the Threshold” (Esther se Waal).  As an artist….  I pause,  look, and listen at the Threshold.  Learning to read the landscape.  As, I stand amazed by the ebbs and flows of creation,  the beauty of the rising and setting of the sun, the flowers filling the earth with color  …revealing a beauty  that I would miss… if I do not stop,  look,  and listen.  We may miss the  discovery  that there is a whole world out there that you really hadn’t been aware of….”the Beauty Realm.”

David Jones, an artist and poet spoke of being influenced by the strong hill rythmns and the bright counter rythmns of the water brook. He found that there was movement all around, the storms, winds , rains…clouds ceaslessly transformed…”in change that reveals the Unchanging.”

At this place of  “pausing at the threshold”, I have become aware that there is a world out there that speaks in images, patterns, shapes and colors…a visual language rather than a language of words.

The landscape has things to teach us and calls us to Come and Explore!